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My silly ramblings

Welcome to my Blog! I post here at least once a month usually about anything going on in it or just about anything I feel in the mood to talk about. Scroll down to see past posts! Once this gets too hard to scroll through or if theres too much text here I will archive these posts and add a link here where you can view any past post not currently vissible here!

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February Monthly Post


Hey everyone! I am two days late to writing this but Ive been pretty busy lately. I am nearing the end of my senior year and as a result I have a lot coming up that I need to plan for. Besides that though February has been a busy month for site updates! I have gone through a slight redesign design wise with updated looks to pages as well as several new pages added such as characters, other links, and interests. Feel free to check those pages out if you havent already! Some pages are still under construction (such as interests) but for the most part theyre finished. With that said though March might be stagnant with updates for the time being. I already mentioned it but ive been pretty busy already and that will continue through the first few weeks of March and possibly after that. Between getting things finalized for myself as well as cleaning out my art queue its time consuming and im not sure when I will have time to edit this site. I have some future plans however that I want to add to my to-do list and one of these is a frequent sketch journal page. Basically anytime I do some sketches that I want to post somewhere they will go there! They will all vary in quality but I think it could be interesting and keep me actively updating this site! This will likely happen later in March. February was a little uneventful in my personal life, I think the most eventful thing was the new trailer for Tears of the Kingdom (70 more days man :sob) and spent some time experimenting with my art! With that said I think thats about it for everything that happened in February, have a good day everyone!


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A gif of pixelated plants

January Monthly Post


Hello everyone!! It has officially been a month since 2023 started and I can definitely say that I have been busy both on here and off of here. It has been a busy month but also a sorta productive one! I honestly dont have much to say about my own life right now other than I have been busy, hopefully I can reach a point where I can at least rest again for a little bit soon. The main thing I wanted to write about here this month was the slightly updated site update! I updated a couple graphics and features here to better reflect how I want my site to look and overall so far im very happy! I still have some pages to update before I begin working on new pages (mainly just my about page and some drawings under the commissions page) but besides that im pretty happy with how this turned out! I suppose I can use this as a way to mention everything that I have updated so far and new pages that will be added this month which include: new site graphics, a to-do section on the home page, an updated music player that works on mobile(FINALLY), a site button so you can link back to this site on your own page, and several new pages coming soon! (see the navigation tab). Progress on this site will be continuing soon, you can view the to-do list to see what I have planned next! Thats all I have to say this month but I will continue to write updates on my neocities page once I make new updates here! Have a good day :)


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December Monthly Post


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good holiday season and a good new year! Sorry about the delay in updating the site plus writing this blog. I wanted to take some time to reorganize my living space and relax. I have kept myself pretty busy lately and just didnt have time to update the site or write one of these blog entries. The site is finally updated to reflect the new year which does mean some small changes. All art from last year is now in a folder so if you would like to view any of my art from each month (all 76 drawings!) you can click the link on the gallery page and it will take you straight there! Besides that the only new thing I have to announce is that I may be making a second site based on one of my special interests being dead/abandoned malls! It has been something that has captivated me for awhile and I would love to create a page dedicated to collecting information on each one in the US (for now, I could do international ones too all depending on how time consuming this is). Its a big project and when I have more information on when I plan on launching it I will post a blog entry here! For now thats about it! Have a good day everyone


A gif of a brown oriental shorthair
A gif of pixelated plants

November Monthly Post


Forgot to post this yesterday, sorry about that!! November has been a really busy month for me between my own college applications and just simply getting ready for my own future. Dont have a whole lot to say though besides that! Only few things I really want to mention is that the November art is now viewable in my gallery so check out the pieces I did this month if you would like! And also the possibility that I might be starting a kofi soon to help fund some future life related thing. This mainly being medical transition (This being going on testosterone and top surgery) and other life related things such as seeking therapy. It will be an important way to help receive funding for things I have wanted and needed for over 6 years now. More details will be shared about this later but for now thats it. Have a great day!


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A gif of pixelated plants

Website is Done!!!


ITS DONE!!!! FINALLY!! This took about 3 weeks to fully put together but it is done and I am so happy with how it turned out! Might make some edits here and there but I am very satisfied! Looking foward to being more active on here and sharing my art :) I also added a Guestbook incase anyone wants to comment here! you can find it in the navigation bar. Thats all for now, have a good day everyone!


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October Monthly Post


Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope yall have a good day however you choose to celebrate today. October has been a super busy month for me between school, my 18th birthday, and editing and creating this website that, as of right now, is still not done. Most of it however is finished! The home, about, links, and of course blog page are all done! Really its just my art pages that still need to be formed and Im still figuring out how I want to do that. Mainly just figuring how I want it to look lol. I want people to view them in full size and not have to zoom in to see the drawings so Im thinking about posting them onto maybe Dropbox and linking it back as my gallery but it will take a few to do so comeback maybe after the 5th of November to see that. Commissions just need to be formatted the way I want and then I will be done there. Also should mention here that my plan normally once everything is done is to link here my art for the month but since Im behind on making my gallery I will make a separate blog post for it this time. But besides that this place is basically almost done and Im very happy with how it turned out!! :) I plan to update here pretty frequently (along with these longer monthly posts) and basically have this be my main place to upload my art and anything else. I think thats all I wanted to say, November is probably going to be very busy for me as well but hopefully I can be active here too! Hope yall have a good rest of your day :)


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A gif of pixelated plants

1st Post!!


Hey!!! This is more of a test to see how these posts will look! I dont have much else to say for now so I will be back here again once this site is done or on the 31st whichever comes first!

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