a drawing of a plush brown and cream colored cat with black hair sitting down

My Links!

Everywhere you can find me on the Web

  • Neocities Profile
  • Just a link back to my main profile on Neocities if you would like to follow this site!

  • Toyhouse
  • Mainly active here! This is where I post art and any information about my characters!

  • Twitter
  • Sorta active here! This is likely where I would post art to first and is a good place to reach out if you want to talk or ask me something!

  • Tumblr
  • Not really posting here but I figured I would still link it just incase I do end up posting there

  • Instagram
  • This is mainly just an art archive for me but is also a good spot to reach out as well!

  • Art Fight
  • Active here every July!