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Hi!!! I'm Cade!! I've already said a good bit about me but I am an artist with a focus on drawing anthropomorphic animal characters/furry art. I've been drawing for practically my whole life and will be heading off to college soon where I plan to be majoring in experimental animation! I don't do a whole lot in my free time but I enjoy journalling, playing games, and photography as well. I tend to be a bit shy at first when talking to people but you can always reach out if you would like to talk! I love getting to meet people with similar interests to me :)

A drawing of a white skinned person with freckles and mid length auburn hair, wearing an arcade carpet button up

I use this site as a sort of safe space for me to post about my art, characters, and interests whenever I like without any pressure from things like social media or what other people might think. You can find out a lot more about me or my interests in the different pages on this site, I am active on here pretty frequently!

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