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Cool sites!

Mutuals and other sites you could check out!

Spamton G Spamton Lover Batlam Quesadilla WizardThe Possum Den Icecream Pizzer hog kelpeater Intergoatlactic ItsYaBoyPedro The Chillzone Loafsona Neon Bandit Street Silly Alien Oddity Commoddity Vintage Fursuits My Blace Moo Like a Goat! Wasongo Cryptidcassette

Off Neocities

Close friends that aren't on Neocites!

Ghxstfacevada Kaiven Rhymnyx Televanilla


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Coding Resources

A list of useful coding resources for you to use!

  • Sadgirl's Webmastery Links
  • A directory of several website resources. Highly recommend viewing it!

  • Layout Builder
  • Great if you dont know much about HTML coding or want a clear design! Using it on this site :)

  • HTML Cheat Sheet
  • A general guide to different codes and ways to format your site!

  • W3Schools
  • Extremely useful when learning how to code your site!

  • WAVE
  • Lets you know how accessible your website is!

  • Codepen
  • Allows you to save and edit your sites code anytime!

Graphic Resources

A list of useful graphic resources for you to use!

  • 88x31 Button Maker
  • Really customizable! Currently does not have a gif option however

  • EZ Gif
  • Easy to use and allows you to put together and create any gif you would like or extract frames from a video to make a gif from!

  • Tiled Backgrounds
  • A list of several free tiled backgrounds to use on your site!

  • Gifcities
  • A archive of gifs from geocities websites!