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Web neighbors and other sites you could check out!

Note: Several buttons here are animated and some have a lot of movement, however they do not autoplay

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Batlam Quesadilla Wizard Icecream Pizzer hog kelpeater Intergoatlactic ItsYaBoyPedro Loafsona Silly Alien Vintage Fursuits My Blace Moo Like a Goat! Wasongo Lexicon Museum of Alexandra Superhs Punkwasp Desert Jaguar Kalechip KangWorlds pinkvampyr owlsroost macaque cynosurestation halo-mango pixel glade click here rio mccloud prophetesque Snewberry Button

Sites with bright visuals/lots of movement

The Chillzone Spamton G Spamton Lover Neon Bandit Street Oddity Commoddity The Possum Den Fools Paradise Peanut

Other cool sites not on neocities!

Sundaysplayzone Brutalmoose mei

Friends off Neocities

Ghxstfacevada | FirenLord | Televanilla | Rhymnyx | Lyychiee | P0nyklr | Sus | SnailJelly | SkeleSaturn | imsofatigued | Crowcrusade | CrashQuartz

Coding Resources

A list of useful coding resources for you to use!

HTML Cheat Sheet

A general guide to different codes and ways to format your site!


Extremely useful when learning how to code your site!


Allows you to save and edit your sites code anytime!

Accessibility Resources

A list of useful accessibility resources for you to use!


A list of several different accessibility resources to help make your site more accessible!

Responsive Web Directory

Several resources to help make your website more responsive!

axe DevTools® (General Accessibility Features)

A dev tool that can help catch and show you of possible accessibility issues on your site

WebAIM: Contrast Checker (Color Contrast)

Helps to show how well certain colors contrast with each other

Graphic Resources

A list of useful graphic resources for you to use!

88x31 Button Maker

Really customizable! Currently does not have a gif option however

Tiled Backgrounds

A list of several free tiled backgrounds to use on your site!


A archive of gifs from geocities websites!

EZ Gif

Easy to use and allows you to put together and create any gif you would like, extract gifs, slow gifs down, compress gifs, and much more!


Compresses photos smaller then 5 MB


Converts files into different file types