a drawing of a plush brown and cream colored cat with black hair sitting down


A list of everything I am interested in!

This is where you can find everything that interests me! They are divided into different sections with my special interests at the top!

Not every interest in here has a page dedicated to it but all of my special interests do!

PLEASE NOTE: This page is under construction and as it stands none of the interests here have pages yet! This will be updated accordingly based on once a page is made

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Special Interests

These interests mean a lot to me and are things I am really passionate about or have a really deep connection to! If you also enjoy these feel free to message me I wanna find more people who also like these too!!

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Dead/Abandoned Malls
  • Omori
A gif with the text The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild A gif featuring a lightbulb that flashes from white to black with eyes fading in to the background An image of a pink and grey abandoned mall with a circular pattern on the roof The Boxart for the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess A gif 4 people playing with jump rope on a pink ground An image of a bluish white dead mall A gif with the text The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask A gif with the text text Omori A abanonded mall with red decor, purple and yellow roof, teel trim, and white walls


These are mainly just pages documenting my favorite aesthetics

  • Nature/Exploration
  • Vulture Culture
  • Retro/Vintage
An image of white roller skates on a roller rink patterned carpet A drawing a deer skeleton on a green background with the text vulture culture A drawing of a green forest with bushes and wild flowers A gif of two clear pepsi bottles with the text youve never seen a taste like this An image of a skulls eye holes A gif with bright green leaves with a teal heart An old beige desktop with a red heart on the screen and a blue background An image of a skull in orange leave in the forest A animated gif of a sunny field with small white and red flowers


These are my favorite artists and genres of music!

  • Favorite Genres: New Wave and Folk Punk

  • Will Wood
  • Oingo Boingo
  • Harley Poe
  • Other Artists: Ghost and Pals, They Might be Giants, Ben Folds Five, Shayfer James, Jhariah, AJJ, Scissor Sisters, Tears for Fears
 An image of a person standing in front of a elevator with the text Scissor Sisters Ta Dah A black and white photo of a man sitting at a table with two large windows A black and white bust photo of two people with the text tears for fears A red sky with black silhouttes of a city with a man looking towards the city A green tinted image of a tin barrel and wood being used as a boat A black and white drawing of a face with mid length hair, a eye shut, and a neutral expression with a hand on the face A wooden piano with the text Ben Folds Five A white rabbit on a light yellow background with clouds A brain with eyes, a skeletal mouth,and muscular arms waving on a green background An image with the text Oingo Boingo on a black background A black and white drawing of a skeletal face with a black and white striped worm with a mouth comming out of the head

Other interests and fixations

These interests tend to be things I fixate on from time to time but are still things that I really enjoy! Probably wont be making pages for these but I still really like them!

  • Splatoon
  • Deltarune
  • Undertale
  • Bluey
  • Camp Here and There
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Stardew Valley
Pixel art of mountains and a tree with a chicken on a fence and the text stardew valley A gif of a person with white eyes standing still while the enviorment around them appears to explode with a flash of lightning A image of a teal hourglass with a small moon in it on a dark grey background A drawing of a light yellow house with a red roof with two trees next to it The text Undertale on a black background The text Deltarune on a black background A gif that displays the title design for the game Splatoon