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Hey Hey!! Welcome :)

Hi there!!

My name is Cade and welcome to my website! This is my main place to share all the things that interest me as well as my art and characters too! I have become pretty active on here and am always adding new things to this page.

A drawing of a brown and cream colored cat with long black hair in a patterned button up sitting

You can click on any of the pages to learn more about a specific area you might be curious about or to check things out! Site is mobile friendly but is best viewed on a desktop!

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  • |4/10/23|: March monthly blog post and art are now up!
  • |3/3/23|: February monthly blog post and art are now up!
  • |2/25/23|: Added a 2019-2023 art archive to my gallery and a second pagedoll
  • |2/17/23|: Added a Sitemap and a status to my home page!
  • |2/15/23|: Updated Credit/graphics page!
  • |2/11/23|: Updated my other links page and added a page for my interests!
  • |2/5/23|: New page, All characters!! Contains a list of all my sonas and characters with links to their info + art. About page was also updated
  • |2/3/23|: New page, Other Links!! Contains links to other sites, webrings, and resources
  • |2/1/23|: January monthly blog post and art are now up!
  • |1/28/23|: New updated look for the site! Contains new graphics and navigation pages
  • |1/6/23|: December monthly blog is up plus an update to the gallery page!
  • |12/1/22|: November monthly art and blog are now up!
  • |11/6/22|: Website coding is FINALLY done!!! Have a look around :)
  • |11/2/22|: Gallery page is now finished!! Check it out!
  • |10/31/22|: First Monthly blog post is up :)
  • |10/25/22|: Blog and Links page is done!
  • |10/23/22|: About Page is finished!!
  • |10/21/22|: Homepage is done!!
  • A gif featuring several images of arcade carpet patterns A gif featuring a lightbulb that flashes from white to black with eyes fading in to the background A gif featuring several colorful stars moving An image with the text Oingo Boingo on a black background A gif with the text rad times on a blue background A image of the transmasculine prideflag with the text transmasc A image of a crt tv in a room with a faded red background a gif with a rainbow atari logo with the text atari on a black background a gif with the word whack with colorful shapes on a white background a gif of a skeleton putting on sunglasses on a black background a image with the words will wood and the tapeworms a colorful pattern of tropical leaves and flowers a image of a blue rotary phone on a red carpet with a heart on the right

    To Do List

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  • Make A frequent sketch journal page
  • Make pages for my special interests, aesthetics, and top 3 music artists
  • Create a section for other unrelated site pages
  • Create my deadmall archive site (Long term project)