a drawing of a plush brown and cream colored cat with black hair sitting down

Coding Credit


Collection of every asset on my site!

Please let me know if you have made any of these (stamps, blinkies, buttons) and would like me to link back credit to you! All assets that I can trace back credit to will take you to the creator of them once you click on them.


Not including the ones found in other links

Viewable with any browser Best viewed with a cat Get a computer Best viewed with open eyes EZGif Now! Internet Free Internet Explorer is Evil! Neocities Now! Neocities.org The web is yours Made with my own two paws Piracy Now! Internet Privacy Now! haring is caring Trans rights Now! World Wide Web connecting people since 1991


Hello 2003 Artist Beware of attack cat Bite Me Oingo Boingo Catboy Establishing connection Dont Like It?! I dont want to grow up Trapped in the hell dimension :) I have IBS Kill Me Dont label me Two trucks having sex Lifes a bitch and so am I Have a nice day! Be kind rewind! I need some sleep Splatoon 3 Transmasc swag


A photo of green monstera leaves A photo of pink flowers behind a chain fence A photo of bright green fern leaves with small sparkles A photo of a teal window with plants around it A patern of pink flowers on a black background A photo of a canine skull in grass with white flowers The Boxart for the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess A animated gif with rain splashing in a puddle and plants A gif that displays the title design for the game Splatoon A grassy field with white flowers an Image of an oriental shorthair with the text I love Oriental Shorthairs on a green background The symbol for Therians with the Text Therian displayed on a blue background A gif with the words Excelent 90's on it and colorful shapes in the background A gif featuring several images of arcade carpet patterns A gif featuring a lightbulb that flashes from white to black with eyes fading in to the background A gif featuring several colorful stars moving An image with the text Oingo Boingo on a black background A gif with the text rad times on a blue background A image of the transmasculine prideflag with the text transmasc A image of a crt tv in a room with a faded red background a gif with a rainbow atari logo with the text atari on a black background a gif with the word whack with colorful shapes on a white background a gif of a skeleton putting on sunglasses on a black background a image with the words will wood and the tapeworms a colorful pattern of tropical leaves and flowers a image of a blue rotary phone on a red carpet with a heart on the right a gif of teal leaves with rain drops on them a photo of a mountain and a field at sunrise a photo of a foggy forest with pine trees a photo of light green fern leaves a gif of a waterfall in a lush green forest a photo of plants reaching through a white lattice fence A gif with the text The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild A gif 4 people playing with jump rope on a pink ground A gif with the text The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask A gif with the text text Omori An image of white roller skates on a roller rink patterned carpet A drawing a deer skeleton on a green background with the text vulture culture A drawing of a green forest with bushes and wild flowers A gif of two clear pepsi bottles with the text youve never seen a taste like this An image of a skulls eye holes A gif with bright green leaves with a teal heart An old beige desktop with a red heart on the screen and a blue background An image of a skull in orange leave in the forest A animated gif of a sunny field with small white and red flowers A black and white bust photo of two people with the text tears for fears A green tinted image of a tin barrel and wood being used as a boat An image with the text Oingo Boingo on a black background A black and white drawing of a skeletal face with a black and white striped worm with a mouth comming out of the head Pixel art of mountains and a tree with a chicken on a fence and the text stardew valley A gif of a person with white eyes standing still while the enviorment around them appears to explode with a flash of lightning A drawing of a light yellow house with a red roof with two trees next to it The text Undertale on a black background The text Deltarune on a black background

Fursona Graphics

Graphics by other people of my fursona! Any not shown here are by me

a gif of a cat head with plants surrounding it A drawing of a brown and cream colored cat with long black hair laying down using a mouse and looking at a laptop a drawing of a plush brown and cream colored cat with black hair sitting down

Other Graphics

These don't fit into any specific category

a gif of a brown and white striped kitten relaxing in a mesh hammock A gif of the word New on a gray circle with a thin rainbow circling it A animated gif of a floppy disk going in to a old desktop A gif of diffent colored audio bars going up and down A gif of a grey tabby kitten with headphones on swaying A gif of pixelated plants

a gif of a blue and yellow arcade machine

A gif of several stars in space A gif of wolf link howling during the day in a forest from Twilight Princess

My Graphics

These are graphics that I have made! fell free to use these with or without credit I dont mind!

A abanonded mall with red decor, purple and yellow roof, teel trim, and white walls An image of a bluish white dead mall An image of a pink and grey abandoned mall with a circular pattern on the roof A black and white drawing of a face with mid length hair, a eye shut, and a neutral expression with a hand on the face A wooden piano with the text Ben Folds Five A white rabbit on a light yellow background with clouds A brain with eyes, a skeletal mouth,and muscular arms waving on a green background A red sky with black silhouttes of a city with a man looking towards the city  An image of a person standing in front of a elevator with the text Scissor Sisters Ta Dah A black and white photo of a man sitting at a table with two large windows A image of a teal hourglass with a small moon in it on a dark grey background